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Feature: Horror

A gay wolf-man hunted by a militia of neo-fascist monster slayers must confront his past and purpose in this modern take on the werewolf myth. 

"It’s rare to read something that, on a moment-by-moment, beat-by-beat basis, is built entirely for the audience to engage and enjoy. This stands out from other projects we’ve seen that aim to update werewolf mythology because it intentionally explores both character and a character’s role within a specific subculture, and ultimately offers something new."
— Juror feedback from the ScreenCraft Horror Competition

Finalist, ScreenCraft Horror Competition 2024
Top 3% of all discoverable projects on CoverFly


Feature: Historical Drama

In 1930s Germany, estranged lovers Theo and Paul are sent to a Nazi concentration camp, where Paul unwittingly attracts the attention of a closeted SS officer, complicating their struggle for survival.  

Semifinalist, Academy Nicholl Fellowship Competition 2022
Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Feature Competition 2022
Top 2% of all discoverable projects on CoverFly

Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2023
Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2023
Top 5% of all discoverable projects on CoverFly


Pilot: Hour-Long Crime Drama

An unlikely band of misfits forges an unusual crime syndicate in the glitzy and dangerous underbelly of 1920s New York. 

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